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An Archive of Late-Medieval French Lyrics

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At present the website is being developed to allow more refined browsing and searching of the sub-corpora currently contained in the archive:

  • The motets from the codex Montpellier, Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire, Section Médecine, H.196 (fascicles 6-8);
  • The lyrics contained in the section devoted to ‘Ballettes’ in codex Oxford, Bodleian Library, Douce 308.

In addition, work is being undertaken to add the following texts, most of which should be available by June 2013:

  • The vast majority of the French secular polyphonic compositions of the fourteenth century, including those in manuscripts Chantilly, Bibliothèque du Château de Chantilly Ms. 564; Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, n.a.f. 6771; Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Panciatichi 26; Ivrea, Biblioteca capitolare, 115); the shorter lyrics in fixed form set to music (ballades, virelais and rondeaux) by Guillaume de Machaut; and the anonymous ballades from the codex Turin, Biblioteca Universitaria, J.II.9.
  • Guillaume de Machaut’s ballades (without musical settings) from La loange des dames.

Of the texts listed above, priority is currently being given to encoding the works of Machaut, since this archive is now incorporated into the website of the project Guillaume de Machaut: Music, Image, Text in the Middle Ages, which presents a complete list of Machaut’s lyrics linked both to this archive and to the digitized manuscripts of the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Over time, we plan to enhance the corpus of fourteenth-century lyrics by adding items found in certain fragmentary sources and other manuscripts.

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