Je chante ung chant

An Archive of Late-Medieval French Lyrics

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The Archive website is based around the eXist native XML database software (currently version 1.4.x), running within a Jetty container. Requests are processed by Apache using a reverse proxy mechanism to provide sensible URLs and access through our firewall.

Most pages are generated using a combination of XQuery and XSLT; searches, lists and basic pages are mostly XQuery, whereas text display, apparatus and interactive features are created through XSLT stylesheets, processed by Saxon.

The views of each text (and its variants) are generated from a single TEI/XML source, which is filtered according to the view selected. The use of parallel encoded variants within the text allows many different views to be generated from a single XML source document - where metrical or diplomatic markup is present, this is automatically detected and the relevant views are provided.

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