Je chante ung chant

An Archive of Late-Medieval French Lyrics

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The main view for each text, as selected through browsing or searching, presents an edition of the text, with variants chosen from all sources by the editors as the most reliable readings.

The manuscripts, or witnesses, that have been used to edit this edition are listed to the right of the main text, along with any editorial notes. Clicking on the abbreviation, or siglum of a witness will show the manuscript details.

Parts of the text supplied by the editors are marked in grey, for example where a repeated refrain is omitted from the manuscript, but is displayed in the edition to show the textual structure.

A drop-down "View" box allows the reader to select the amount and type of information presented with this text.

In the "Standard" view, the texts are shown with line numbers only.

In the "Scholar" view, an apparatus is added, which shows the variant readings and indicates major emendations suggested by previous editors.

Where available, a metrical view presents information on the rhyme, metre and structure of the text: this can again be selected from the drop-down list. In this view, a vertical bar indicates an internal rhyme pattern (caesura), and rhyming syllables are highlighted. The rhyme scheme and metre are indicated at the end of each line.

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