Je chante ung chant

An Archive of Late-Medieval French Lyrics

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View a manuscript

In the main view of a text, clicking the "Manuscripts" tab allows access to individual representations of the original manuscripts themselves.

The "View" drop-down box will list all collated manuscripts and associated views. Manuscripts are listed by their siglum, as referenced in the list of witnesses (clicking on the siglum will show bibliographical information).

Choosing a siglum in the "View" box will switch the display to show the text as it appears in that manuscript.

For the base manuscript (i.e. that chosen by the editors as the most reliable source), an apparatus is shown indicating the variations from this manuscript of other copies of the text.

The following features are displayed:

(...) Expansion, e.g. Franq(ue)
\.../ Insertion
|f.000r/v| Page break, giving new folio

Where available, a "Diplomatic" view can be chosen to show line breaks and other features present in the original.

Manuscripts shown in grey in the drop-down box are other extant copies of the text which have not been collated in this phase of the edition.

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