Je chante ung chant

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This form searches the basic edition text, in unaccented form, with all alternate readings removed. Work is continuing to improve this to include all textual variants.

The search query language is based on that used by Lucene & Solr, and more complex queries may be constructed using features and examples documented elsewhere.

Fuzziness (Levenshtein distance) varies between 0 and 1, with higher values more closely matching the term.

Proximity is inclusive of the terms themselves.

Boolean (logical) expressions can be constructed using parentheses () to group terms.

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    example  matches
* a sequence of letters chant* chant, chanter, chanterai, chanteroie, etc.
? a single letter chan?e chante, change
" " phrase "douce dame" douce dame (only)
~ fuzzy search chante~ chant, chantei, chanteit, hanter, etc.
~0.n fuzziness search chante~0.8 chante, chantei, chanter, change
~n proximity, within n words "je chante"~4
^n boost term douce^4 dame results containing "douce" will appear higher in the list
+ required douce +dame all lines containing "dame", any with "douce" appearing higher
OR boolean operators douce AND dame
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