Je chante ung chant

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Cis a cui je sui amie
Music: Motet : Triplum  of  Tres joliement me voell / Imperatrix supernorum / Cis a cui je sui amie

aka: Mo 272 ()

set to music by: Anon.


Mont (dupl.) f. 314v-315r
Mont f. 301v-302v (from )
Ox308 f. 224r (235r)  


None available.

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      <l n="1">Cis a cui 
         <pb n="314v" />je sui amie
      <l n="2">est cointe 
         <expan>et</expan> gai;
      <l n="3">por s'amour serai jolie,</l>
      <l n="4">tant com vi
         <pb n="315r" />vrai.

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