Je chante ung chant

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L'escu d'Amors
Text: ballade Music: ballade
set to music by: Anon.


PR f. 76v


None available.

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   <head />
      <l n="1" met="">L'escu d'
         </name>, dont le cha
         <expan>m</expan>p est d'a
         <rhyme label="a">e
      <l n="2" met="">doit bie
            <rdg wit="#Apel1970 #GDB">porte
         </app> la douce creat
         <rhyme label="b">ure</rhyme>
      <l n="3" met="">
         <gap />
      <l n="4" met="">
         <gap />
         <rhyme label="b">re</rhyme>
      <l n="5" met="">en 
            <rdg wit="#Apel1970 #GDB">son</rdg>
         </app> escu a paint 
            <rdg wit="#Apel1970 #GDB">une</rdg>
         </app> verd
         <rhyme label="b">ure</rhyme>:
      <l n="6" met="">uns arbres est q
         <expan>ui</expan> po
         <expan>r</expan>te le dolz f
         <rhyme label="c">uyt</rhyme>
      <lg type="refrain">
         <l n="7" met="">sanz lequel nuls n'a joye ne ded
            <rhyme label="c">uyt</rhyme>.

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