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Or se depart
Text: rondeau Music: rondeau
set to music by: Martinus Fabri


Lei f. 8r, 9v


None available.

Metadata transferred from source: Genre: Rondeau Type: text and music Input by: AMT Refrain: Or se depart li doulz tamps g[racieux]/ Que vous a fait mener joyeuse chiere.Sources: Lei [f. 9v-8r].Sourcecodes: Lei Edition: CMM 53 (i) 25.Notes: Ms: 2 meueer joye euse.

Text displayed as TEI P5 conformant XML

      <expan rend="musKey">Fa</expan>bri
      <l n="1" met="">Or se depart li doulz tamps 
               <gap />
            <rdg wit="#Apel1970 #GDB">graci
               <rhyme label="a">eux</rhyme>
      <l n="2" met="">q
         <expan>ue</expan> vous a fait 
            <rdg wit="#Apel1970 #GDB">mener</rdg>
            <rdg wit="#Apel1970 #GDB">joyeuse</rdg>
         </app> chi
         <rhyme label="b">ere</rhyme>
      <l n="3" met="">et 
               <gap />
            <rdg wit="#Apel1970 #GDB">si l'hivers</rdg>
         </app> revie
         <expan>n</expan>t a sa mani
         <rhyme label="b">ere</rhyme>
      <l n="4" met="">q
         <expan>ue</expan> contraire a to
         <expan>us</expan> vrais amo
         <rhyme label="a">eux</rhyme>.

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